1999-2013 Truck/SUV Accessory Brackets Item Number: LS-0201

LS-201LS Truck/SUV Alternator Power Steering pump Relocation Bracket
Cost: $299.00  On Sale: $249.99  plus shipping

Designed for the S10,S15 Pickup with LS Truck/Suv Accessory Drive Engine.

Works with any car or truck that needs frame clearance or has steering box issues.

Has been used in follow LS conversion:
All years of S10,S15. S10 front stub in 50,60, Trucks. 1964-77 Chevelle,GM A-body cars including the Malibu,Monte Carlo.
1961-70 Pontiac cars. All cars made from 1964 to 1980. You will need to check measurements on cars before 1963 and after 1980. It should work fine.

I have not had any problems with this design fitting any car or truck.

Detailed Description:

This kit fits 1999 to 2012 GM LS Engine and is a Alternator Power steering pump relocation bracket kit for Gen III/IV LS.
This bracket relocates the Alternator and Power steering pump on the 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, and 6.2.
This kit is used when doing a engine swap or building a hot rod and installing a LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 or any other performance LS car intake manifold on the truck engine to gain hood clearance.
Moves the alternator down 1” inch below the factory ls car intake to clear the hood.
It also moves the Power steering pump up and in to clear the frame and power steering box
LS Brackets design keeps the power steering pump at the correct angle as GM intended it to be
Power steering pump will come from a 1988 to 1989 Chevy pickup. Part number AC Delco (36-517091) pump
You will reuse the factory power steering pulley from the ls truck/suv motor.
You will reuse the factory truck/suv Alternator
This kit also puts everything in a more uniform pattern with the matching a/c bracket so your engine is not lopsided. Just looks better when raising the hood.

When using a Car intake you may need water pump spacer kit LS-0214 and a 1997-02 z28 camaro water pump.
When Install the LS car intake or any other performance intake manifold your throttle body may hit the water neck from the factory truck water pump.
This bracket is to be used with truck accessory drive only
This bracket will relocate your truck alternator to the side and down and your power steering pump in and up to clear the frame and steering box
( 5.5 inch above crank center line )
Comes complete with 6061 Billet Aluminum spacers and plates, GM approved zinc coated bolts and instructions.

  • Items needed to complete the kit:
  • One Idler pulley Gates 36101
  • A new serpentine belt
  • AC Delco 36-517091 power steering pump

Items you can use but are not needed for the kit to work:

This kit will work with the 2010 Camaro water pump and the correct tensioner for the Camaro pump

2010 camaro water pump number AC Delco (251-734 ) No water pump spacers are needed when using this pump.

LS1 camaro water pump
LS-0214 water pump spacers when using ls1 camaro water pump from 98-02 camaro Z28.

LS1,LS6 or any performance intake can be used with this kit.
Note: You must use the correct parts to go along with the intake of your choice.

  • One Idler pulley
  • A new belt
  • AC Delco 36-517091 power steering pump
  • 2010 camaro water pump number AC Delco (251-734 )

No water pump spacers are needed when using this pump.