1998-02 LS1 camaro/GTO/S10 LS1 Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket

1998-02 LS1 camaroGTOS10 LS1 Alternator Power Steering Pump Bracket1998-02 LS1 camaro/GTO/S10 LS1 Alternator / Power Steering Pump Bracket
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Detailed Description:

This is LS Brackets New State of the art accessory drive power steering/alternator bracket

This bracket is CNC cut from 6061 3/8 billet aluminum

It is designed to work with the Factory Camaro power steering pump and alternator only
The factory Reservoir from the camaro with not fit this bracket.
Requires a Alternator from 1998-02 camaro or 1999 to 2013 Truck/SUV

This is the most user friendly alternator,power steering relocate bracket
on the market today.

This Bracket moves the factory alternator up high and
the factory power steering pump down low on
your LS power plant upgrade.
When using the Camaro crank pulley you gain the needed radiator clearance
for your fans. You will also save money not having to purchase water pump spacer kit
It gives frame clearance in older vehicles where the factory
alternator hits the frame and steering box.
There is a complete set of instructions with part numbers
Everything can be purchased from your local parts store.

Please Email with any question.

Designed to work with the Camaro/Truck/SUV ls 105 amp alternator

Comes complete with 6061 billet aluminum spacers, 3/8 billet plates, GM spec. zinc coated bolts and instructions.