Accessory Parts

Power Steering Pump Hose Adapter Item Number: LS-0219

Power Steering Pump Hose AdapterCost: $29.99  On Sale: $24.99  plus shipping

Detailed Description:

This fitting was designed to adapt your late style GM LS1,LS2,LS3,LS6,LS9,LQ4,LQ9 and most power steering pump 1988 to 2013 pump with o’ring fitting line to Early style GM pump with a flared tube.

1998-02 Camaro Water Pump Spacers Item Number:LS-0214

1998-02 Camaro Water Pump Spacers Item Number:LS-0214Item: 1998-02 Camaro water pump spacers
Cost: $105.00 
 On Sale: $74.99  plus shipping

Detailed Description:

This is a set of ls1 water pump spacers to install a 1997-2002 Camaro water pump on a truck/suv drive motor. These are used to align the belt with the long lower crank pulley.

These are used when installing a car ls1 intake on a truck accessory drive engine so the throttle body does not hit the water pump outlet.

Item included

~2 ¾ thick billet spacers,6 allen bolts and washers, 2 felpro gaskets.

Will work with the factory style o-ring gaskets.

1999-2013 Idler Relocater Item Number: LS-0202

1999-2013 Idler Relocater Item Number LS0202 01Cost: $45.00  On Sale: $34.99  plus shipping

Detailed Description:

This relocate idler bracket is designed to move the upper pulley out of the way so you can run a LS1,LS2 or any performance LS car intake manifold on the truck engine.

Works on any 4.8,5.3,5.7,6.0,and 6.2 Chevrolet 1999 to 2013 Including Gen III/IV truck engines.

If your using a car intake you must use a 2002 Camaro water pump and spacer kit.

You must make a small cut in your factory bracket to remove the original mounting area of the factory pulley for a car intake .

You will reuse your factory pulley. Belt part number is Gates K061005 (for 105 amp alternator)

Bracket comes raw steel and can be painted.

Comes complete with 6061 billet aluminum spacers, one plates, GM spec. zinc coated bolt and instructions.