Gen V Engine Mounts

Gen V Engine Mounts

Cost: $85.00  On Sale: $63.95  plus shipping Item # LT-302

Detailed Description:

2014-18 Multi Position LT, LT1,LT4 Conversion Motor Mount Adapter Plates L83 5.3, 6.2.

These plates are used to retrofit any L83,LT LT1 series engine into any 1960s to mid 1994 vehicle

Works with G.M. Factory 3-Bolt Mounts.

Includes left and right adapter plates and all necessary hardware.

These plates provide 1/2″ forward, 1″ forward 1/2″ back 1″ back.

Will not work with the Factory A/C compressor or Vacuum pump.

These items would need to be removed to use these brackets.