Low Mount Alternator

Low-Mount-Alternator-Item-Number-LS-0267-01Cost: $189.99  On Sale: $163.99 plus shipping

Detailed Description:

This is a full billet low mount aluminum alternator relocate bracket for all LS engines 1999 to 2012 using the truck accessory drive.

Bracket can be ordered for the camaro accessory drive.

This bracket kit places the factory 105 amp alternator down low like on the factory LS1 1999 to 02 camaro accessory drive and deletes the power steering pump.

Steel truck blocks do not have all the mounting points to run the factory camaro brackets.

This bracket will work with the stock truck water pump.

Can be used with the 1999 to 02 camaro water pump when using the correct spacers. ( LS Brackets spacers LS-0214 )
Designed to work with all ls 99-04 truck or 98-02 LS1 camaro 105 amp alternator

Comes complete with 6061 billet aluminum spacers,Two plates, GM spec. zinc coated bolts and instructions.

Items needed to complete the kit:

  • Two idler pulleys
    Gates 38008
    Gates 36101
  • 70″ serpentine belt