LS Truck/SUV Alternator Relocation Bracket Item Number: LS-0203

LS Truck/SUV Alternator Relocation Bracket Item Number: LS-0203LS Truck/SUV Alternator Relocation Bracket
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Detailed Description:

This alternator relocate bracket is designed to lower your alternator down 3/4 inch below the top of a LS1,LS2,LS3 intake manifold. It will retain the power steering pump in the stock position.
This bracket is made so you can run a LS1,LS2 or any performance LS car intake manifold on the truck or SUV engine to gain hood clearance.
Works on any 4.8,5.3,5.7,6.0,and 6.2 Chevrolet 1999 to 2013 Including Gen III/IV truck engines.
This kit will work with the stock water pump and tensioner. We recommend using a 2002 camaro z28 tensioner
When instaling a car intake you may need to use a 2002 Camaro water pump and LS-0214 spacer kit to clear the throttle body
This bracket will work with the 2010 Camaro water pump and the correct tensioner.
Comes complete with 6061 billet aluminum spacers, two plates, GM spec. zinc coated bolts and instructions
Items needed to complete the kit:
Gates pulley # 36101
Gates belt # K060735
You will need a power steering pump puller and installer. These tools can be rented free from your Auto Zone or O’Reilly.