Sanden A/C Bracket

Sanden A/C Bracket

Cost is $245.00 On sale for $195.95 Item # LT-300

Featured in 2018 May issue Street Rodder Magazine

Detailed Description:

2014-18 GM Generation V LT, LT1,LT4, L83 L86 5.3, 6.2. A/C bracket system ONLY.

This brackets is used to retrofit any L83,L86,LT LT1 LT4 series engine into any 1960s to mid 1994 vehicle

Includes two 6061 billet aluminum plates and all necessary hardware to install the A/C bracket

You must purchase the Sanden A/C SD7B10 , 7176 compressor and tensioner separately .

Items need to complete the kit:

  • Sanden A/C SD7B10 , 7176 .
  • Summit Racing # SUM-340618
  • Gates brand tensioner #38163.
  • The correct length belt.
  • Compressor line adapter kit # VTA-045010-VUR, VTA-045008-VUR Summit racing

Must be used with kit LT-301

The doner LT Generation V engine must have the Truck/Suv crank pulley for this to work.

The LT4 engine with the corvette spacing must be changed to the Truck/Suv spacing to work.