R4 A/C Relocation Bracket Turbo

R4 A/C Relocation Bracket TurboR4 A/C Relocation Bracket Turbo
Cost: $195.00 
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Detailed Description:

This is LS Brackets New State of the art compressor mount bracket.
It is designed to work with the GM Factory R4 compressor 1988 to 1995

This is the most user friendly A/C bracket on the market today.

Compressor is placed 14″ from water pump center line to the out side of the R4 compressor.

It is 1/2 inch under the LS1,LS6 car intake runners give you plenty of Hood clearance.
This Bracket moves the Older R4 compressor up high on your LS power plant upgrade.

It gives frame clearance in older vehicles where the factory

A/C compressor hits the frame.

You can not use the factory LS compressor with this kit.

If your belt is slipping it’s because of the poor designed bracket your using. Spring tensioner don’t slip when they are used correctly

I don’t think GM was wrong when using spring tensioner. The fact is when using a manual cheap tensioner it puts unneeded
stress on your crank and bearings .  You will be tighten your belt every time you turn around.

1988 to 1995 or around that year 6 Rib serpentine A/C Delco R4 compressor

Works on any Chevy ,GMC or SUV Truck engine 1999 to 2013.

Fits 4.8,5.7,5.3,6.0,6.2 or LSX Blocks using the Truck/SUV accessory drive

This auction is for the Truck or SUV Drives.

This bracket is available for the Camaro or Corvette

This only comes with two brackets,spacers and bolts.

You will need to buy a Belt and Tensioner to complete this kit.

There is a complete set of instructions with part numbers

Everything can be bought from your local parts store.

This bracket has been dyno tested and I have tons
of happy customers

Designed to work with all ls alternator from 105 amp to 160 amp

Comes complete with 6061 billet aluminum spacers,Two plates, GM spec. zinc coated bolts and instructions.